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Our services

Tech training and talent sourcing is in our DNA.

We have been developing coders from scratch and placing them at our clients since 2014.

We train. We source.

We can fill in your tech talent gap by getting you the best junior programmers you can find, pro development experts with years of relevant experience, or complete teams set up to deliver your next innovation project.

Our junior and senior programmers are ready to pick up projects at your company.

Our proven methodology, the best mentors and customisable curriculum and agenda guarantees top results both in junior and senior training. Being in tech requires life-long learning, so we also offer up-skilling for your senior IT staff.

Codecool junior full-stack programmers get the longest and most intensive traning on the market. By the time they finish the coding school they have all the skills, experience, attitude and motivation needed to be valuable members of your business in any IT or tech role from day one. 

That’s why 98% of our students are hired right after they finish our coding school by our partners.

Get new juniors trained at our school in a customised training, or hire from our network, with even more experience on the job. We will hand-pick, and if necessary train the best candidates for you based on your business needs.

Seniors developers are hard to find – but not for us. Our active tech talent network extends way beyond the best juniors on the market. Our mentors, former mentors and their close network, as well as our previous junior programmers grown into real IT expert roles in the past 5 years. They are all in our senior tech talent pool, waiting for you – the right match.

We select the best available developer experts carefully and guarantee to find you the tech talent, who have the exact skills and attitude you and your business needs.

When you realise that one or two tech guys will not be enough, you need a whole tech team to get the job done. But if the hands of your people are already full, you might need some help from the outside.

We can help you to build IT and developer teams with the proper agile approach, with experienced pros and reliable juniors with the the necessary tech and soft  or meta skills that your business model and operations require.

Let us staff and deploy your ready-made tech team to you, based on your exact requirements.

Why would you let your best people go, when we can give them the skills you need.

Times are changing, faster than ever. Problems are changing rapidly as well. You need different skills today to solve these challenges than you needed yesterday. You still may want to hold on to your best people and take them on the digital ride with you. 

We believe in transformation and growth, and can make your colleagues into your best and most motivated tech people with the help of our pro mentors and next-level training methodology.

Upskill your tech people so that they can level up your game in digital transformation and digitalisation.

Experienced IT experts are some of your most valuable assets. Don’t let changing times degrade their value in your innovation and growth efforts. Keep their skills up-to-date or add advanced skills based on with your tech strategy, with the help of our pro mentors and coaches, using our fast and effective training methodology.