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We are driven by a vision.

We believe that we can make the digital talent gap a thing of the past, and at the same time help individuals start new, future-proof careers.

We see a future with thriving, digitalised companies transformed by people in fulfilling careers

Our mission is possible.

We are on a mission to build a global talent network, develop individual tech skills and connect businesses around the world with the digital talent.

With our eyes on the future we can help you change today.

How far can you go without the right people?

There are up to 375 million jobs at risk over the next 10 years* due to automation and technology. The widening talent gap might be the single biggest obstacle to digitalisation in your business.

Codecool enables companies to prepare for the future of work and at the same time, to scale to the next level.

We are building a global experience that re-skills, re-shapes, and re-launches Europe’s modern-day workforce.

Invest in people. Get it right.

Internal training efforts often fail delivering on development and retention goals.

Recruitment of senior developers is especially challenging, while the average junior requires months of onboarding before delivering any added value.

We see where you are coming from. We have been there, too.

That’s why we started Codecool in the first place. To make the IT talent gap a thing of the past.

Today, where you see a gap, we see talent. We can remove the biggest obstacle in the way of your digitalisation and team development.

As your programmer and tech talent engine, we can develop the skills of your new or existing teams so that they deliver value in your projects from day one. If you don’t have the internal resources to train, we connect you with the best fit for your needs and organisation from our active tech talent pool.

We give you the missing skills.
You go digital.


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