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Privacy Policy

Your privacy matters to us. We would like you to feel cool about entrusting us with your data when you visit our website, sign up to our newsletter, or we interact in any way. Let us explain what data we collect about you and what we do with it. By using our services, you consent to our use of your data under this privacy policy. If you would like to know more about our collection and use of cookies only, please check out the CodeCool cookie policy.

About us and this policy

We, CodeCool Limited, are the controller of your personal data that we receive when you use our Services.

Name: CodeCool Kft.
Address: 44 Nagymezo street, 1065 Budapest
Phone: 00 36 70 944 3402
E-mail address: [email protected]
Company registry number: 01-09-394554
Data protection registry number: NAIH-83340

This Privacy Policy explains:

  • when we collect data about you,
  • what we collect,
  • why we collect it,
  • how we handle it,
  • who we share it with,
  • where it is processed, and
  • what your choices and legal rights are.

For further information about our Privacy Policy or our processing of your data,
please contact us at [email protected]. You can also ask us to delete your data

Data collection – when and what

This section explains:
  • when and
  • what data we collect about you.
We may receive your data:
  1. when you give it to us,
  2. when we automatically collect it, or
  3. when a 3rd party provides it for us.
Let’s look at each of these cases.
  1. We have your data when you:
    • Send us a message: If you send us a message by filling in the form on the website, we ask you to provide information about you (your name, email, phone number, company and country) and the nature of your query.
    • Send us an email: If you send us an email, together with the information in the email we also receive your email address.
    • Call us: If you call us, together with the information in the call we also receive your phone number.
    • Sign up for our newsletter: If you sign up for our newsletter, we receive your name and email address.
    Please make sure that any personal details which you provide are accurate and current. If there are any changes, please send us an update to [email protected].
  2. We may also collect data when you:
    • Visit our website or receive and interact with our marketing communications and advertising on our and other websites: we may automatically log your activity on web, advertising and marketing servers managed by us or by a third party on our behalf.
    For example, we may receive:
    • Online identifiers usually stored in cookies on your device >> Please see our Cookie Policy for more details
    • Other tracking data, such as tracking pixels and browser configuration details (e.g. browser type, list of installed plugins and list of installed fonts)
    • Information about the content, marketing communications and advertisements you view and interact with (for example, if you click on a CodeCool banner
  3. We may also receive some information about you from third party partners, like:
    • Online service providers we use (for example security service providers)
    • Other third parties you use (for example Facebook): We may receive information that you agreed to, if you’ve agreed that a provider you visit can send us information about you.

Data use - why and how

This section explains why and how we may use the data we collect about you.

We may use data combined from any of the sources explained in the ‘Data Collection’ section above, for the purposes explained in this Privacy Policy. (For example, we may process together information we have collected from you and from your visits to our website).

We may use your data for:

  • Understanding, improving and enhancing our existing services and your experience using them, and developing new ones: For example, we may use the data to optimise user interfaces, and to fix bugs and errors.
  • Personalising our services to you: for instance, we may use your location address to display content relevant for your area or we may recommend or to help you discover new social media.
  • Marketing and communication: to answer your questions and queries, send information, updates, news and our newsletter to you, ask you to give feedback or testimonial, participate in research surveys or events, or to target and personalise our marketing communications on our websites.

You can choose if you would like to receive communications from us or not, and also if you would like us to store and access cookies related to your website visits or not.

If you provide your data to us, you might receive direct communications from us. If you later decide not to receive emails from us, you can turn off marketing communications by following the instructions or the link “unsubscribe” in our marketing emails or by sending a declaration to [email protected]. We will aim to process your request as soon as reasonably practicable and in any event, within 3 working days. Note that we will still send you emails related to our contract or your queries even if you opt-out of marketing emails.

For a personalized service on our websites, you will receive cookies from us. If you decide not to allow us to store and access cookies that are not strictly necessary for the provision of our websites, you can modify your browser settings accordingly. By banning the use of cookies, you accept that the operation of the webpage is not complete.

Please see our Cookie Policy for more details on our use of cookies.

Your legal rights

We handle your data for an unlimited term. You can request information regarding the handling and you can request the deletion of your data at any time without any explanation. In such case you need to withdraw your registration and revoke your consent by sending a declaration to [email protected]. If you request deletion of your data we will delete it in 3 working days.

In addition to your legal rights mentioned above, you can exercise your rights in court in accordance with Act CXII of 2011 on Right of Informational Self-Determination and the Freedom of Information, and the Civil Code of the Hungarian Republic, or file a complaint to the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information. More information is available on the website of the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (